Property Watch Services

If you're planning to be away from your vacation home for an extended period of time, our experienced home watch services at Whitford Building Company can help to protect your property while you're away. Our property watch services will monitor your vacation home for any signs of damage or danger such as appliance-related emergencies or signs of forced entry.

Additionally, our house watch services provide on-site home inspections to make sure everything is safe and in its place. We'll adjust your thermostat, and we'll ensure your security system is working properly and all doors and windows are secure. We'll also make sure your roofing and siding is in great condition, and we'll even check your plumbing for any drips, leaks, or breaks. You can even count on us to service and maintain your HVAC system including changing the filter, cleaning the line, and providing annual inspections.

Give yourself peace of mind knowing your property is in great hands while you're away, and know that you're meeting your insurance requirements with regular check-ins to prevent your insurance company from denying claims. Contact the vacant home property management services of Whitford Building Company today for more information.